She Works Hard For The Honey

We arrived in Idaho at the end of August, Paul was about to start working at the Sun Valley Inn as an electrician and I had no idea what I'd be doing. After being in one spot for more than a couple days I got stir crazy (remember we had been moving around for the … Continue reading She Works Hard For The Honey


“Why is the carpet all wet Todd?” “I don’t know Margo!”

We recently started to notice a reoccurring wet spot on the carpet near the bed. At first we were blaming it on the dog, but we quickly realized it was not pee (no smell). Then we thought the dog was drooling water all over the carpet, but it was too saturated to just be drool. … Continue reading “Why is the carpet all wet Todd?” “I don’t know Margo!”

Monument Valley & Gooseneck State Park

Over our 2,000+ mile journey this was probably my favorite 24 hours. People always ask, "where was your favorite place?" That's a really hard question to answer and it may change day to day, but this little corner of the country is often the answer to that question and will always have a very special … Continue reading Monument Valley & Gooseneck State Park

Holidays in a Small Space

I enjoyed the challenge of decorating a tiny space for Christmas this year. In years past it's always been unloading box after box out of my Mom's attic and deciding what we had room for and what would need to go back into the attic.     Currently, we don't have room to store much … Continue reading Holidays in a Small Space

New Mexico & The Four Corners Region

We spent a night in Santa Fe, New Mexico at a little RV park right off Route 66. We went into town for dinner, and after being told by several people about the green chili burgers in New Mexico, that's what we were on the hunt for. We enjoyed burgers and beers and walked around … Continue reading New Mexico & The Four Corners Region