Holiday Gifts for the Road Tripper

Gift giving for people living in small places can be hard, but fear not, her are a few ideas that you can't go wrong with. American The Beautiful Pass This $80 pass gets you into all national parks, and in most place, into national monuments, national forests, and some state parks for one year. When … Continue reading Holiday Gifts for the Road Tripper


Arkansas to New Mexico

Arkansas ---> New Mexico 876 Miles in 2 days (wow!) There wasn't much on our list to see in Oklahoma or in northern Texas so we decided to just continue heading west. We left Arkansas and hightailed it through Oklahoma, a state filled with ranches that make more money from the oil wells on their … Continue reading Arkansas to New Mexico

Milton, Delaware

After taking the ferry from Cape May, New Jersey to Lewes, Delaware Paul and I were headed down to Assateague  when we spotted a Dogfish Head truck. Spotting the truck reminded Paul that their Brewery was in Delaware and I quickly looked it up and realized it was only a couple miles away. So we took … Continue reading Milton, Delaware

Columbus, New Jersey

I'm happy that Paul and I are able to enjoy all of the great places in New Jersey before we leave. New Jersey has so much beauty, it's not all the smog, pollution, and traffic that Newark and the surrounding areas have to offer. We've been able to do so much in Jersey this summer, getting to the … Continue reading Columbus, New Jersey

Tuxedo, New York

Over the weekend Paul finally got the chance to take me to the New York Renaissance Faire! We've been talking about going to this faire since we started dating but haven't had the time until now. Paul had gone years ago, when he first came back to New Jersey, and had been wanting to take … Continue reading Tuxedo, New York