Crawford, Georgia

After leaving the Smokey Mountains behind we headed for Crawford, Georgia. Crawford is a small town outside of Athens. Paul’s brother, his wife, and their two kids live on a small farm in Crawford and we parked the camper right next to their house and hung out for about a week.

Memorial Day weekend wasn’t spent hanging out in the pool or down on the beach, but fishing in their pond and smoking a big piece of pork in the wood smoker. Our days in Georgia were long and slow, but in a good way. Georgia gave us the time to relax, and get things done, we worked on the truck and camper, got some mail out, and caught up on all of other things we needed to do.

We spent Saturday night driving up into the northern mountains of Georgia to go to an auction. It wasn’t a car auction or an antique auction, but a farm animal auction. There were pigs, horses, mini ponies, donkeys, bunnies, chickens, and lots of other birds. Paul’s brother frequents the auctions and wanted us to experience it, and it was an experience. As people were bidding on animals, we ordered cheese fries and sodas from the snack stand, allowing us to really sit back and enjoy the show.


At one point during the auction Paul and his brother took a walk outside to see some of the animals that would be coming up, and that’s when Eric set his eyes on a one day old baby goat. As soon as they locked eyes Eric knew it was meant to be, he wasn’t going to leave the auction without that goat. We played with the goat and asked the farmer who brought him everything we could about him (what he ate, was it healthy, how to care for him, etc.). When baby goat got on that auction block it was Eric vs. some lady in the back, they went back and forth a few times until finally we walked away with a $80 baby goat.


As soon as we paid for the goat we headed out the Tracker Supply to buy some kid milk. We drove the hour and a half back to the house with baby goat sleeping in my lap. The rest of our time spent in Georgia was spent having lazy days on the farm, fishing, eating, doing maintenance on the truck and trailer and playing with baby animals.

After a week in Georgia we left the camper at Paul’s brother’s house and headed down to see my family in Florida for a few days.


Traveling with a Dog (*suggestions please)


As we get ready to hit the road Paul and I have been having a lot of conversations about whether or not to take Murphy with us. I never thought that she wouldn’t be coming, I’ve always imagined this adventure with her by my side. Murphy has been by my side for over 14 years and to leave her behind would be sad for me, and I think for her as well. But, she is 14 going on 15 and life on the road may be rough for her. We will be doing a lot of outdoor activities and experiencing different climates. We worry about her being able to keep up and remain comfortable.

I’d love to hear some stories, opinions, and suggestions for traveling with a dog.

My Buff Pup


Murph Dawg

First off, I am not sponsored or given anything for this post, I’m just a big fan of this company.

One of my post from a few weeks featured my awesome little pup, Murphy. If you didn’t notice Murphy was rocking some of her hiking gear. Paul and I have been using buffs for a while now, they are light weight and great to wear around your neck or on your head when hiking or doing any outdoor activity. Buffs protect from UV and keep in the coolness in the summer and heat in the winter. Recently we found out that they also make them for dogs! Now Murphy not only has a cool piece of doggy fashion but the dog buff also repeals ticks, fleas, and mosquitos. For $15.00 on their site you can’t beat it.

Murphy & The Magic Microwave

Hi world! Meet Murphy, the dopest dog in all the land. She will eventually be traveling along with us when we get the trailer on the road.

Paul and I had a chance to introduce Murphy to the trailer this week, she seemed to be right at home.


Oh and we found this retro Magic of Microwave Cookbook in one of the cabinets, not sure we’re going to be making jambalaya or game hens in the microwave but…who knows.