Crawford, Georgia

After leaving the Smokey Mountains behind we headed for Crawford, Georgia. Crawford is a small town outside of Athens. Paul's brother, his wife, and their two kids live on a small farm in Crawford and we parked the camper right next to their house and hung out for about a week. Memorial Day weekend wasn't … Continue reading Crawford, Georgia


Traveling with a Dog (*suggestions please)

As we get ready to hit the road Paul and I have been having a lot of conversations about whether or not to take Murphy with us. I never thought that she wouldn't be coming, I've always imagined this adventure with her by my side. Murphy has been by my side for over 14 years and … Continue reading Traveling with a Dog (*suggestions please)

Murphy & The Magic Microwave

Hi world! Meet Murphy, the dopest dog in all the land. She will eventually be traveling along with us when we get the trailer on the road. Paul and I had a chance to introduce Murphy to the trailer this week, she seemed to be right at home. Oh and we found this retro Magic … Continue reading Murphy & The Magic Microwave