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Adventure Rigs!

One of my favorite things to come across as we traveled were cool vehicles, mostly custom, that other people were traveling in. We've seen some pretty crazy things driving down the road and I wish I was able to capture them all but here's a glimpse at a few of my favorites...  

Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, V.A.

After a slow drive down to Virginia we arrived in Marion where we spent 4 nights at Hungry Mother State Park. For the first 2 nights the campground was very quiet with only about a quarter of the sites filled. The park isn't too big, but it has a some nice trails, a beach for … Continue reading Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, V.A.

Traveling with a Dog (*suggestions please)

As we get ready to hit the road Paul and I have been having a lot of conversations about whether or not to take Murphy with us. I never thought that she wouldn't be coming, I've always imagined this adventure with her by my side. Murphy has been by my side for over 14 years and … Continue reading Traveling with a Dog (*suggestions please)