Trail Days, Damascus, V.A.

After having spent 2 nights at Hungry Mother State Park we decided to lock up the camper and head a few miles south to Damascus, Virginia. Damascus was having their annual Trail Days Festival, celebrating current and past thru hikers of the Appalachian Trail. This town gets together to throw a big party, and their … Continue reading Trail Days, Damascus, V.A.


Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, V.A.

After a slow drive down to Virginia we arrived in Marion where we spent 4 nights at Hungry Mother State Park. For the first 2 nights the campground was very quiet with only about a quarter of the sites filled. The park isn't too big, but it has a some nice trails, a beach for … Continue reading Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, V.A.

National Park Passport

Last summer I picked up a National Park Passport at Mount Rainier National Park. I love this little book! The National Parks Passport is a small pocket sized book, it has descriptions of some parks/regions, comes with a foldable map, and has spots for stamps and stickers that can be found in each park. At each … Continue reading National Park Passport

Assateague, Maryland

After having an amazing night in Ocean City, New Jersey at our friend's wedding, Paul and I decided we needed a quiet night to unwind and relax. So, Saturday morning we made our way down to Assateague National Seashore in Maryland to camp for the night. Getting to Assateague was quick and easy, we took the … Continue reading Assateague, Maryland