Before & After

Here is a gallery of some before & after pictures…



Countertop Project

20170425_165929Paul and I knew we wanted to do something unique with the kitchen counters. After having to rip out all of the cabinets due to water damage we needed to redo them anyway.  We decided that we would use maps on the counters and then lay an epoxy over them. Again, we I did a lot of research, watching a ton of YouTube videos before attempting any of this.

First, I ironed all the maps (I used 3).

20170325_142644 (1)

Second, measured and cut my maps to fit the counter.


Then, I mod podged the maps to the tops of the counter top adding the mod podge under the maps, as well as a layer on top of them.


After letting them try we caulked around the countertop and then let that dry too.

Finally, we poured the epoxy. The epoxy we used was self-leveling and we attempted to make a barrier around the sink opening with some tape, the epoxy was too heavy and went right through it. We quickly grabbed some plastic to protect the inside of the cabinet under the sink and all was well.



We knew we wanted to reupholster the couch cushions in the trailer but weren’t sure how we were going to do it. I have done a ridiculous amount of research for every project we’ve done, and even though I do know how to sew I thought it was going to be too big of a project to do on my own. I called a few places to see how much it would cost to have it done professionally, but it was very expensive. I finally decided I was going to do it myself by wrapping the cushions with new fabric.

Paul and I went down to a bulk fabric store, they had so much fabric it was hard to choose at first, then we started looking at prices. I wanted about 10 yards of fabric and the fabric store had fabric ranging from $12 a yard all the way up to $40 a yard. We settled on a gray burlap type of material (softer than burlap). When The woman in the store went to cut it for us she was very hesitant, she did not like my idea of wrapping the fabric rather than sewing it. After some persuasion she reluctantly cut the fabric and we headed home.

I scrubbed the cushions with an upholstery cleaner, leaving the old covers on because of the waterproof lining and figured we could us all the protection we could get. Using a sticky spray adhesive I glued wood that Paul had cut to size, to the back of the cushions. The wood would be used to staple the fabric securely to the cushions.  I covered the wood with an old sheet to protect the walls from getting scratched up from the wood. Then like a present I wrapped and stapled the new fabric around the cushions. It took some playing around to get things to look good but I’m not mad at how they came out.


Finishing Touches

We are finally at a point where we are putting all of our finishing touches on the camper. There are a lot of things to finish up, it seems like every time we check one thing off our list we think of two more things that we need to do. We’ve been hanging hooks for extra storage, installed new energy efficient LED light bulbs, and got our new mattress and bedding. With the weather finally warming up and the sun staying out longer, we are trying to put all our projects into overdrive. Once we are on the road and living in our camper full time we will continue to make it our home.


We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

So much of what we have done already could not have been done if it weren’t for our family and friends. We’ve had friends and family help each step of the way, and as newbies to this we are grateful for any and all help.

This past weekend was beautiful, it didn’t feel like February at all. New Jersey got well into the 60’s and we were able to get a lot of work done on the camper. This weekend we were able to get the floors in and it made a huge difference, I can’t wait to be done and see the side by side photos of the progress.