A Summer of Disconnect

I've been off the WordPress radar lately and I apologize, I still have lots of travel posts to update you on from last year as well as this year and hope to be connected more regularly now. We've been in Northern California since May tending to 5 cabins and a few RV spots. The remoteness … Continue reading A Summer of Disconnect


Making Money While Traveling

Making money while traveling may seem like a crazy idea but it is totally possible. I follow many full time travelers and belong to a few facebook groups thatย  have tens of thousands of members. While not all those people are working (many are retired) there are just as many working and these are just … Continue reading Making Money While Traveling

Dog Days in a 20 Foot Travel Trailer

When Paul laid his eyes on a literal pile of Labrador puppies outside of a Cabela's in Boise, I knew we were leaving with one. I've always had a dog by my side my whole life, and spending the summer without one made me miss that companionship. I told Paul that if we were going … Continue reading Dog Days in a 20 Foot Travel Trailer

She Works Hard For The Honey

We arrived in Idaho at the end of August, Paul was about to start working at the Sun Valley Inn as an electrician and I had no idea what I'd be doing. After being in one spot for more than a couple days I got stir crazy (remember we had been moving around for the … Continue reading She Works Hard For The Honey

Holiday Gifts for the Road Tripper

Gift giving for people living in small places can be hard, but fear not, her are a few ideas that you can't go wrong with. American The Beautiful Pass This $80 pass gets you into all national parks, and in most place, into national monuments, national forests, and some state parks for one year. When … Continue reading Holiday Gifts for the Road Tripper