Mojave National Preserve

After leaving Vegas, and before meeting my family in Joshua Tree, California, we spent a few days in the Mojave National Preserve. Another great free camping spot.DSC_0768

We left Las Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday and I was definitely bummed that we wouldn’t be able to watch the game in Sin City. As we dragged the trailer 3 hours west and finally down a bumpy, washed out dirt road, somewhere in between Joshua Tree and Las Vegas, we realized we might be able to watch the game after all.

We set up camp snugged between the dirt road and the Kelso Sand Dunes. After setting up, pulling out the awning and building a fire, we found a small area that was not a complete dead zone when it came to cell service. I managed to pull up the NFL app and stream the entire game while we made chili and pigs in a blanket, and sipped on wine spritzers. It was beautiful weather and there wasn’t another person in sight. We spent a couple nights here, climbing the sand dunes during the day and sitting by the fire at night.

It was here that I played around with night sky photography for the first time, and it was amazing to see the amount of light pollution I picked up with the camera that my eyes were not able to recognize.  



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