Viva Las Vegas!

I’ve always wanted to visit Las Vegas just to experience it all, & with plans to meet my family in Southern California, it seemed like Las Vegas would be a great stopover coming from Idaho.

And, a great stopover it is, I would recommend it to anyone in the area. Vegas is a large city and its close to a ton of National Parks, BLM land, state parks, and National Forests. Because of the city’s proximity to so many amazing places, we ended up going back 3 more times in 2018, not because we love the city and gambling but because we could pull into an RV park to recharge our rig as well as ourselves, while also getting shopping done around the city before dipping out to another National Park of BLM spot for a couple weeks.

Las Vegas RV Park

Everyone I have known who has gone has always said, “a weekend is plenty of time.” While we were excited to see this new city I would have to agree on the weekend time limit. There is definitely a lot to see and do in Vegas, and it’s nice to “treat yo self,” but there’s a lot of people and traffic, making it hard when you’ve been enjoying public lands for so long.


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