A Summer of Disconnect

I’ve been off the WordPress radar lately and I apologize, I still have lots of travel posts to update you on from last year as well as this year and hope to be connected more regularly now.

We’ve been in Northern California since May tending to 5 cabins and a few RV spots. The remoteness of our location came as a surprise when we arrived. With no internet or cell service within miles, I’ve managed to go days without connecting. I have to remind myself to walk or drive to a place to get cell service so I can update my friends and family somewhat regularly. I’m not going to lie, at first, I didn’t think I would be able to deal with not being able to connect to the internet and check my email, social media pages, make phone calls and send texts. However, after only a few days I realized there wasn’t anything that needed to be done right then and there, and also…I’m not that important.

We’ve become  a society comfortable with instant communication and if someone doesn’t call or text back right away we get mad  and say, “I know they saw it!” Being here has taught me what’s really important, and that’s the people and the places you physically surround yourself with. We’ve met more people this summer that will become lifelong friends than I have anywhere else, and I blame the lack of phones in our faces.

We have cabin guests that you can see are uncomfortable with being off the grid, not having a phone in their hand and having no choice but to conversate with friends, family and even their children! “What do you mean there’s no WiFi for my kid’s iPad?”, “I can’t even get the score of the game!” We hear it all. But, by their last days here they seem to relax, unwind and realize the importance of solitude.

So while we are still here and lacking service, I am going to make the effort to connect weekly and post regularly again.

Get out there and reconnect with yourself.

IMG_20180804_111012_248Happy Trails…


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