Making Money While Traveling

Making money while traveling may seem like a crazy idea but it is totally possible. I follow many full time travelers and belong to a few facebook groups that  have tens of thousands of members. While not all those people are working (many are retired) there are just as many working and these are just a few of the ways to make money on the road.

  1. Tech, Finance, Telecommunication – most of the full time travelers I run into that are in their 20’s and 30’s are in the tech industry and are able to work their job remotely. These jobs range from software developers, to web designers, to Financial Analyst, and other techy jobs that I don’t have a degree for. Some people have full time jobs and others freelance their skills.
  2. Traveling Nurse – when we first got to Idaho our neighbor in the RV park was a nurse at the hospital up the road, she had spent 3 months of the summer in the Wood River Valley because she loves mountain biking. After her 3 months is over she packs up and moves on to a new place.
  3. Odd Jobs – check local papers for part time/seasonal work. Another good option is, they have expanded from child care and list jobs for pet care, housekeeping, and odd jobs/errands.
  4.  Bloging – having a successful blog can make you money through advertisements and product placement. In order to have a blog be profitable it is a lot of work and you must continually update your readers. We don’t always have an internet connection so I try to write a bunch of posts and schedule them to be posted in the future.
  5. Work Camping – many campgrounds have a few seasonal full timers who help with checking in guests and cleaning up the park in exchange for full hook-ups, some campgrounds even pay an hourly wage on top of the free rent. You can also check with national parks and states parks, they look for seasonal camp hosts as well. Check out some of these sites to find work camping jobs.
  6. Trades: Paul is an electrician by trade and uses a staffing agency to find jobs all around the country, most jobs are short term which is perfect for us, he can work a job for a few weeks or months and then we can move on
  7. Etsy/Craft Vendor: another popular job among young travelers, creating unique crafts to sell on Etsy or at local markets,

As you can see there is a little something for everyone, if you work hard and want to make this lifestyle work for you it is totally possible.


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