“Why is the carpet all wet Todd?” “I don’t know Margo!”

We recently started to notice a reoccurring wet spot on the carpet near the bed. At first we were blaming it on the dog, but we quickly realized it was not pee (no smell). Then we thought the dog was drooling water all over the carpet, but it was too saturated to just be drool. I went on the roof to see if there was anyway something was dripping but couldn’t find anything. Paul crawled under the camper to look for any moisture, and found a little under the spot where it was wet inside, but no indication of wh

The Radiator Heater is Quiet & Pumps Out The Heat

ere it was coming from. I spent days drying the carpet each morning, only for it to be saturated again later in the day. We thought maybe the shower was leaking and then running down the underside of the camper and to this spot near the bed. We stopped showering in the camper for a couple of days, and went to the campground bathrooms, but still that pesky wet spot showed up. Finally, Paul and I realized that a few week

s ago I had covered the windows to keep drafts out, but I hadn’t been drying the condensation off in the mornings like I had been when they weren’t covered. So, I started drying the windows, turning on the vent fan in the bathroom and cranking up the heat. No more wet spot! It was all from the condensation on the bedroom windows and must have been leaking down the walls and to that low spot on the floor.

This Small Space Heater is Perfect for Moving the Hot Air Around With It’s Fan

Our camper is old and not made for winter living, there are leaks and drafts but it’s ours and we make it work. We skirted the camper with foam board to keep drafts out and added a heat lamp underneath the camper to keep the water lines and holding tanks from freezing.  Between our two space heaters we stay plenty warm inside. Our camper is only 20 feet so there is not much to heat up. We also have propane heat but have yet to kick it on, in efforts to save the propane for cooking and heating the hot water. Some people think this life seems glamorous and carefree but there is a lot of planning and continuous maintenance that goes along with this lifestyle.


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