Cooking in a Tiny Kitchen

20170523_173813.jpgOne of my favorite things to do is cook and bake, I knew moving into this small space would be a challenge when it came to cooking but it was one that I was ready to tackle. I moved into this camper with the mindset that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t cook, and I proved that to be right. While the space is small, I do still have 3 burners, an oven, a microwave, crockpot, and other small kitchen appliances. Even camping without electricity I was able to cook on the stove and bake things in the oven, there isn’t anything I can not make in this kitchen, except maybe a 20 pound turkey…there just isn’t enough room in the oven.

While we do have most of the conveniences of any other kitchen, the one thing we are lacking is counter space, making the hardest part of cooking any meal the prep work. The lack of counter space forces me to be strategic in the way I make every meal, I can’t have a bunch of ingredients all over the counter and dishes scattered around. I usually chop, season and prep all my food and then clean up before cooking.


When we are hosting guests we try to do our cooking outside. As a going away gift Paul’s aunt and uncle gifted us a table top camp griddle that runs on propane, it was really a life saver. We’ve cooked everything on that griddle from bacon and eggs to steak and potatoes and everything in between. It’s small enough to store away but big enough to cook a big meal for lots of people, and it’s fun too, I think everyone wanted to cook on it and feel like a restaurant chef.

Some food staples that I always have in the cabinets, easily dressed up with fresh veggies and a meat

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Instant Mashed Potatoes (convenience comes first in this kitchen)
  • Tortillas (quesadillas, burritos, wraps, breakfast burritos, pizzas)
  • Bread
  • Canned Soup

Some cooking essentials that are a must in a camper kitchen



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