Cell Service Across The Country

We visited almost 30 states on our cross country road trip, we drove down the East Coast to Georgia and Florida and then headed out west. We covered a lot of ground and got to test our cell service in a ton of places.


Screenshot 2017-12-01 at 9.16.32 AM.png
Our Route

Before leaving Paul and I decided we would switch our cell phones to be on the same plan. Prior to switching, I had T-Mobile and Paul had Verizon. We knew T-Mobile service wouldn’t cut it, because even in places in New Jersey I would have spotty service, and Verizon was the most expensive carrier, so we met in the middle and signed a contract with Sprint. Sprint claimed to have 99% of the coverage of Verizon and they gave us an unlimited plan for less than what we would have paid with Verizon.

After traveling for over 100 days and over 2,000 miles we switched both our phones to Verizon once we settled down in Idaho. Not only was Sprint’s service terrible once we left Georgia, their customer service was a joke, and no help to us at all as we traveled. As we traveled and met up with family and friends who have Verizon it was obvious that we were duped by Sprint, our friends and family would have full service on the Verizon network while we were constantly roaming. We hardly had full service once we left the East coast, we were always roaming (unless we were in a big town/city), so we would make phone calls to our family and if necessary have them google things for us.

In the end, Sprint didn’t ruin our trip, in fact a lack of service in a lot of places was peaceful. Towards the end of our trip we both broke our phones, and because we were traveling Sprint would not help us replace them, but we found the silver lining in that situation too and basked in the solitude of no social media or apps. If someone were to ask me, I would only recommend Verizon to those looking to travel, not only is their service much better but their customer service has already proven to be superior as well.

Something that we didn’t have and I wish we would have was a WiFi hot spot. Many of the RV parks that we stayed at had their own WiFi but with everyone in the park trying to use it, it was usually too slow to upload pictures or stream videos.

Happy Trails…



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