Countertop Project

20170425_165929Paul and I knew we wanted to do something unique with the kitchen counters. After having to rip out all of the cabinets due to water damage we needed to redo them anyway.  We decided that we would use maps on the counters and then lay an epoxy over them. Again, we I did a lot of research, watching a ton of YouTube videos before attempting any of this.

First, I ironed all the maps (I used 3).

20170325_142644 (1)

Second, measured and cut my maps to fit the counter.


Then, I mod podged the maps to the tops of the counter top adding the mod podge under the maps, as well as a layer on top of them.


After letting them try we caulked around the countertop and then let that dry too.

Finally, we poured the epoxy. The epoxy we used was self-leveling and we attempted to make a barrier around the sink opening with some tape, the epoxy was too heavy and went right through it. We quickly grabbed some plastic to protect the inside of the cabinet under the sink and all was well.



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