Tuxedo, New York

Over the weekend Paul finally got the chance to take me to the New York Renaissance Faire! We’ve been talking about going to this faire since we started dating but haven’t had the time until now. Paul had gone years ago, when he first came back to New Jersey, and had been wanting to take me. With the weather looking like it was going to corporate with us on Saturday we decided to head up north to the renaissance faire.

The New York renaissance faire is in Tuxedo, New York. The faire is held every weekend (and Labor Day) from August to October. Tuxedo is a small town right over the New Jersey/New York boarder, about an hour northwest of New York City. While it does take place in a small town, people come from all over to join in the festivities. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot around 1:30/2 the parking attendants started turning cars away because they ran out of parking. The packed parking lot had me a little worried about crowded conditions inside the faire. After squeezing into one of the last parking spots we took a long walk through several fields of parking, up a trail through the woods, and ended up at the entrance of the faire.

We spent hours just walking around the faire and enjoying all of the interesting people, crafts, foods, acts, and rides. The fairgrounds are built specifically for this festival, with buildings true to the time period and a full arena for jousting. Even with the full parking lots, it didn’t seem overly crowded inside. Everyone that was in attendance seemed happy, friendly  and just glad to be there. After an afternoon of drinking and eating we watched the jousting match and then headed home.

Downsides of the faire:

  • bathrooms- they only have porta johns and they were some of the worst I’ve come across.
  • prices- I get it, it’s a faire that happens a few weekends out of the year and they gotta make their money, but some of the food prices and ride prices are a little out of control. (I noticed some people tailgating at their cars before they went inside)
  • parking- if you plan on going get there early, to be told there is no more parking and to come back in a few hours would put a damper on anyone’s day

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