Idaho (God’s Country)

Last summer Paul and I spent 2 weeks on the west coast, we visited family in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. I can hands down say that it was one of my favorite vacations of all time, mainly because of the shear beauty of the land out there. Since we started dating I’ve heard countless stories about Idaho, and whenever someone asks “What’s Idaho like?” Paul’s response will ALWAYS be, “It’s God’s Country.” Now after dating for almost 2 years and hearing Paul describe Idaho so simply, I could never imagine what it would actually be like. Idaho is not a state on many peoples to-do list, but I’m telling you now…it should be.

As our plane came into Boise  I could see the low rolling desert hills, and the blue water of the Boise River, it was really a beautiful sight (not the same feeling you get when coming into Newark). We stayed in the city of Boise, renting a house just outside of the downtown area. After grabbing coffee in town, and catching up with family, it was time to explore. Paul couldn’t wait to be tour guide in the state he spent most of his life in, he wanted to show me what he loved so much about Idaho. We took long drives up into the mountains, driving through endless miles of Sawtooth National Park, spent time out in Sun Valley fly fishing, and hiked to secluded hot springs. There were wild fires burning just outside Boise in the low dessert lands, making it hard to believe you could drive about a hour away to mountains over flowing with tall pines cut up by rolling rivers and hot springs. After a week in Idaho I found myself falling in love for all the same reasons Paul had. As we head onto the road in the upcoming months I can see us making another stop in Idaho, there is so much more beauty that I have yet to see there.

~Happy Trails & Trailers


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