All Inclusive?

A short overview of my stay at the Grand Lucayan, Lighthouse Point in Freeport, Bahamas.

When we booked an all inclusive resort I was a little unsure of what it was going to be like and if I would like it at all. Vacations to me are usually adventurous and all about trying and doing new things, and to me an all inclusive resort is the opposite of that. Now with that being said, I must admit I did enjoy myself. While it is not something I’m dying to do again, it was a pleasure to walk around without a wallet and know that I could get anything I want to eat or drink at anytime of day. This is the vacation we need sometimes when we want to turn our brains off and just indulge. Buffets, open bar, snacks, coffee, and even the fancier restaurants were all included in our stay. This was all about being a fat American and not caring at all. Another perk of the resort was the transportation that they offered around the island, anywhere you wanted to go they would take you. The people of the Bahamas are kind and thankful for all the tourism, always looking to please the guests. Overall it was a great experience, and maybe I will indulge again, but that won’t be for some time. Until then I will enjoy our time traveling to unfamiliar places and continue to be excited about the fact that we do not know what state we’ll be having our next meal in.

~Happy Trails & Trailers


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