Pinetree Stables, Freeport, Grand Bahamas

So I spent the past few days on a getaway that was a little nontraditional when it comes to my idea of vacationing. My idea of vacation is camping, hiking, woods, new restaurants, and unknown outdoor adventures. When my family said they wanted to go to an all inclusive resort, and get there via cruise ship, you can imagine the seriousness of my eye roll. Never the less, I’m always up for something new. I’ve never been to the Bahamas, and I’ve never been on a cruise ship.

After being on my first cruise ship for only a few minutes, I quickly realized it is not my thing. I got very anxious and nervous about being on such a huge ship, but I soon calmed down and was able to enjoy the night, mostly thanks to the Piña coladas. The cruise was only one night, perfect for someone like me who was experiencing it for the first time and not sure if I’d enjoy it or not.

After docking in Freeport I headed directly to Pinetree Stables for a horse back riding adventure, this was the one and only excursion that I had prebooked before getting to the island. Now, as much as I love horses I was skeptical about this excursion. I had some tourist trap, corny, money making scam in my mind. I was seriously surprised by the entire experience and could not be more happy to have been able to meet these people and their amazing horses. Linda and Chris own Pinetree Stables and not only are they experts when it comes to their horses (training them using the Parelli method), but they can also tell you anything and everything about the island. These two love their horses and their home and making it pleasantly obvious throughout the 2 hour ride. Check them out if you ever find yourself in Freeport.

more to come about my thoughts of the resort…


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