Making $ & Getting Sponsored On The Road

Paul and I plan on getting on the road once we have a stable truck to pull the trailer, and a little bit of money saved up to support us for awhile. While we don’t plan on living a very lavish lifestyle we are going to eventually need to make money somehow to pay  for food, campsites, and the few bills that we will have (phones, insurance, etc.). Our camper can be used completely off grid with its two propane tanks so we are looking forward to doing a lot of off grid camping and exploring. Being able to live off grid will make things a little bit cheaper and I’m happy we have the choice. We plan to pick up work while we’re on the road too, Paul is an electrician and can pick up odd jobs, and I hope to find some online work or even short term work as a waitress/tutor/nanny.

We have also been talking about reaching out to companies to sponsor us. We aren’t looking for money, but cool and new products that we might be able to use. We look forward to doing a lot of camping, hiking and exploring all around the country and having quality products to help us do that would be awesome, but also expensive. I’ve never reached out to a company in this way before but I figure it’s worth a try. I’m going to reach out to companies big and small, and tell them about our hopes of getting on the road and seeing this beautiful country, who knows maybe our story will be seen by someone who’d like to help us out. In the past I’ve reached out to local small business for different charity donations and you may be surprised at how generous people can be.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on any responses I may get.

~Happy Trails & Trailers


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