Oh The Places We’ll Go

FotorCreated 5.jpg

A list of the top 10 places I want to see in our travels…

  1. Redwood Forest
  2. Yellowstone
  3. Oregon’s Painted Hills
  4. Glacier National Park
  5. Acadia
  6. Bryce Canyon
  7. Death Valley
  8. Alaska’s Northern Lights
  9. The Wave
  10. Florida Key’s


What places have you fell in love with? What and where is a must see? What do you think of my list, are these places underrated/overrated?


One thought on “Oh The Places We’ll Go

  1. It would be hard to rank the places that have moved us in ways that cannot adequately be described. We are new to the travel world but everyday is a new adventure filled with joy, experiences and character building moments.


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