Water, Water Everywhere

Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

A line from an old mariners poem by Samuel Coleridge. I feel ya Sammy…we’ve got lots of water, but not because we want it or need it!

I thought we made a mess last week! This week Paul, with a lot of help from our friend Nick, pulled the cabinets, counter tops, and kitchen appliances out of the trailer. When we bought the trailer we knew that there was some water damage behind the walls in the kitchen, but it wasn’t until we ripped out the walls, ceiling, and floors this week that we knew the extent of it all. The damage is more extensive than we had thought it would be, and unfortunately it’s to some fault of our own…

When we placed the trailer in Paul’s yard we left it on a steep pitch, thinking that if it were to rain, the water would run right off the top and not puddle. That didn’t work out how we had hoped. After lots of rain over the past few weeks, the rain started to puddle up in the bottom corner of the trailer’s roof. All that water over the course of weeks of rain slowly dripped into the trailer, and behind the walls. Of course some of this damage has happened over a long time, but we didn’t make things any better. Now walls and parts of the ceiling and floors all need to be replaced, but not until the leaks are all fixed. There’s no point in replacing everything inside the trailer if there is still going to be water seeping in.



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