My Top 8

Remember your top 8 on Myspace?

This is a little different, but I had a flashback to my awesome adolescent/teenage angst days on Myspace. Anyway, here is a list of my top 8 favorite sites that I have been frequenting since our trailer purchase. These sites will be useful to anyone who loves adventures and the outdoors, whether you have a travel trailer or not.

  1. Pinterest – Pinterest is a blackhole of information, I will literally spend hours searching for trailer renos, storage ideas, camping hacks, travel tips, and anything else under the sun that pops into my head. Pinterest allows me to discover sites that I otherwise wouldn’t if I were to just google a topic. Making your own boards also allows you to organize your interests and come back to them in the future.
  2. Youtube – Who doesn’t love youtube? It’s another site that I can get caught up in for hours, going from one video suggestion to the next. As we are getting into a lot of DIY projects, that both of us will be attempting for the first time, it’s nice to watch someone do a similar project so we can get an idea of how to tackle the project.
  3. Road Trippers – This is not only a website but they also have an app for android and apple devices. I have the app and I’ve been playing around with it to get a feel for how it works, and to decide if I like it. Road Trippers allows you to plan out a road trip, estimating the cost of gas, showing you places to stop along the way, including campsites, hotels, interesting sites, restaurants, and more. You can set the radius for how far your willing to travel off your route and do a bunch of other customizing.
  4. Free Campsites – I LOVE this site, being from New Jersey there are not too many places where you are allowed to just set up camp. Most places around here you need to make a reservation, check-in, and then set up camp around a bunch of other people. Free Campsites allows you to find free campsites…it’s that easy. As we get ready to travel its important for us to save money as well as be aware as to where we will be able to park our trailer as we enter unfamiliar places.
  5. RV Talk – RV Talk has a bunch of contributors to their site, so you are not just getting one persons perspective on travel or RVing. The have a search bar at the top so you can search for posts about something specific. I was introduced to some great travel podcasts by looking through this site.
  6.  The Expert Vagabond – Matt is a full-time traveler of the world and his site has so many great travel tips. He’s done and seen a lot and his site is a great resource for learning how to live life on the road. From pairing down your belongings to budgeting yourself, there’s a little something for every kind of traveler on this site.
  7. – is not a fancy website but it has forums so that you can contact other travelers and RV owners. Having a support system and knowing you can go somewhere to ask questions is super important as new trailer owners who may be unsure about how to handle things sometimes.
  8. Work Away – Work Away is a really cool site that allows you to find people and businesses that will allow you to work for them. As we get on the road money is one of our biggest worries, with Work Away we will be able to find small jobs that can be done in exchange for food, lodging, or in some cases even money.

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